Choose Your Focus



Choose Your Focus

Unpopular opinion…. Stop arguing with random people on social media about who is right and who is wrong (especially about what’s going on in the world right now). Why? Because YOU (or I) don’t actually 100% know and YOU (nor I) can PERSONALLY change or control allllll the things…

Choose Your Focus pinterest thumbnailYou see… Whatever YOU believe you are right. Whatever SOMEONE ELSE believes they are right too.

Our beliefs and our thoughts will always create our own personal reality.

Read that again and then consider CHOOSING what to focus on and believe.

Took me 48 years to GET THIS but dang I am so glad that that I did!

Oh but what will you do instead of wasting time arguing on newsfeeds and obsessing over the news?

Get outside and go for a walk (yes you can do this safely)

Exercise and move your body

Play with your pets

Use this time to reflect

  • Talk to your spouse and kids (ahhhh how about that?)
  • Dress up for an inside date night
  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Connect with a friend over FaceTime
  • Focus on your work, your hobby, a crafts, your kids school work, a puzzle whatever… But stay off the news and triggering posts and stop arguing with people about why you are right and they are wrong.


You won’t change the posters mind.

Witty and passive aggressive responses to post won’t change people.

You PERSONALLY can’t control or change what’s happening in the world right now and we really do not fully know or not know all the true facts right now.

You can control YOU and what you believe that’s it.

Make THAT your “new normal”


Natalie Jill

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