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Breast Cancer, COVID, and the Holiday Season: Advice for Safely Connecting With Loved Ones
Social distancing has been hard on everyone, especially on people who are going through breast cancer treatment during the pandemic. With the holidays and colder weather approaching, you may be feeling tempted to celebrate indoors with people outside of your immediate household. But as hard as it may be to face, it may be safest to rethink traditional holiday celebrations this year. Here’s what you need to know about how to safely connect with your friends and loved ones during this holiday season.


How to Fight ‘Caution Fatigue’ and Stay Vigilant About COVID Safety

After months of processing COVID-19 information and safety recommendations, some people are relaxing their safety practices, like wearing a mask or washing hands less frequently. This reaction is called “caution fatigue.” Learn about how you can recognize and overcome caution fatigue so that you can stay vigilant about your and others’ safety.


Quarantine Hacks From the Community: Tips for Coping With Anxiety and Isolation
If you are struggling with feeling isolated while spending so much time apart from friends and loved ones, you are not alone. Members of the Community are sharing their strategies for coping with anxiety and isolation. Here is a collection of the most popular “quarantine hacks” from the Community discussion boards.

newly diagnosed with MBC

16 People Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer Share Advice for the Newly Diagnosed
As many of the Community members in our stage IV forum can tell you, it gets better, especially as you learn that many people are living full and productive lives with MBC. We asked our Community members who are living with MBC what they wish they’d known back when they received their diagnosis and the advice they’d share…


What I wish friends knew

What I Wish My Friends Knew: Insights from Our Stage IV Community Forum
We asked members of our stage IV Community forum to weigh in with their thoughts about what they wish their friends and acquaintances knew about their diagnosis and situation…


how to find mental healthcare

Mental Health Care Options for People With Metastatic Breast Cancer
Learning about and living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) can mess with your mind, to say the least. But it’s important to prioritize your mental health as well as your physical health while living with MBC…


how to ask for help

How to Accept and Ask for Help When Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer
Asking for help is not easy for everyone, especially those who have traditionally managed their household or take pride in their independence. But there is no shame in acknowledging that you need help from other people…


talking to employer about mbc

How to Talk to Your Employer and Coworkers About Your Metastatic Breast Cancer
We asked experts and our Community members who are living with MBC to discuss their experiences sharing (or not) with their workplaces and to give insight on how to approach the situation.


Barry Jones male breast cancer

Barry Jones: Getting the Word Out About Male Breast Cancer
“Breast cancer — it’s not just for women anymore!” That quote offers a glimpse of the sense of humor that comes across in any conversation with Barry. But his underlying message is serious: Men can and do get breast cancer.