Corona times: Clinical cardiology gets up from graveyard, for a while !

by Fitcoachion | Last Updated: May 18, 2020

Surprised to see many of my colleagues, physicians and fellows are beaming with new pride even in this troubled corona times. Paradoxically, I could see some fresh clinical sense in their approach to problems as well.

Each one of them had a story to tell

Finally, one of my senior colleagues, who lives half his awake time in cath lab, confessed to me. “Yes,Venkat, it’s all happening right in front of my eyes. Miracles based on absolute truths . I have since learnt the ultimate lesson in cardiology. How to treat, many of my CAD patients, without knowing coronary anatomy, that too without any major adversaries”


After listening to these sobering stories , I got into a mid-afternoon nap, where in, my good old professor came in my dream. He blessed me with his famous smile and hug for practicing and propagating clinical cardiology, as he taught to me.

But sir, I blinked, sorry sir, I don’t deserve your compliments. It is going to vanish with this dream.Its all about, terrible corona times, which has forced us to deliver this low-quality care based on the antique clinical methods

My mentor’s happiness was short lived, as he realised these guys will soon be consumed again, by the glamor machines that runs medical science.He left silently , still pleading us to try our best.