Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons



Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 1

“Be a Smart Cookie, Know Your Lemons” was the slogan of our partnership with the legendary US cookie company Crumbl the first week of October. The result? Educating over 1.5 million people during the week, and raising over $72,000 for the Know Your Lemons Foundation’s early detection initiatives.

Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 2

Prior to the promotion, Jason McGowan, Crumbl CEO and co-founder, said about the partnership: “We know that many individuals and families have suffered the heartbreaking effects of breast cancer and we are excited to do our part to support early detection in the communities we serve. Know Your Lemons is an innovative charity that helps educate in a creative and accessible way that’s saving lives. We are incredibly proud to partner with them.”

During the first week of October, Crumbl’s 270+ stores across the US showed the 12 signs of breast cancer image on in-store screens and posters, and on social media. Customers were invited to download the Know Your Lemons app, and donate to the charity via their cookie order screens and at the counter.

Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 3

Founders of Crumbl Cookies (far left & right) & Founder of Know Your Lemons© Foundation (center) posing with pink cookies.

Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 4

Founder of Know Your Lemons© Foundation (center) and team at Crumbl Cookie Headquarters.

Additionally, in true Crumbl style, and to go along with the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, four pink cookies were created for that week, which were a huge hit amongst the customers. One of them wrote on instagram: “Who knew the most informative post I’ve ever seen about breast cancer would be from a cookie shop. I learned something completely new about what to look for today. Thank you so much Crumbl Cookies!”

Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 5

Social media reactions to Crumbl Cookie & Know Your Lemons partnership launch!

Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 6

Social media reactions to Crumbl Cookie & Know Your Lemons partnership launch!

Crumbl heavily advertised the fundraising event on their social media channels which was well-received by their followers and helped gain a lot of attention for the charity’s life-saving work.

Sawyer Hemsley, COO and Founder of Crumbl Cookies, said about the partnership: “Joining forces with the Know Your Lemons Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month was an incredibly meaningful partnership for our employees and company as a whole. We are elated with the amount of donations from our company and its customers in addition to the number of people educated by the Know Your Lemons Foundation. We hope these efforts save lives and raise awareness around this important and urgent issue.”

Crumbl Cookies + Know Your Lemons 7

Many customers took to social media to show their support for Know Your Lemons© & Crumbls early detection partnership.

During the week, Crumbl also went live on instagram with Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont, CEO and Founder of the Know Your Lemons Foundation, to talk about the work of the charity and how Crumbl’s followers can get involved by downloading the app to get educated about breast health and then donating to help educate others around the world.

Corrine said, ”Crumbl and their generous customers have truly made a difference while on their cookie run! The Know Your Lemons Foundation will be able to educate many women with these important funds and the education customers have received during their visit can empower them to be more proactive about their breast health too.”

You too can join us in the #Know12Give12 challenge by downloading the Know Your Lemons app and getting educated about the 12 signs of breast cancer, and then donating $12 to our charity to help us on our mission to educate the world about early detection for breast cancer.