Customized Weight Loss Diet Plan For Women Above 30


Do we need a customized weight loss diet plan for women above 30?

customized weight loss diet plan for women above 30
Women forget to look after their health especially after 30 when actually they should pay more attention to it at that age.
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Women suddenly start getting conscious about their weight gain after they cross the age of 30. There are various reasons for weight gain after 30 and luckily it can be controlled if one follows any common weight loss diet plan for women. After 30 women get so engrossed with life outside their own selves that they begin to ignore their health. This is the time when they need to start taking care of themselves.

The first and foremost step can be to make sustainable dietary changes. All these changes must be made as part of lifestyle change.

Dietary changes for women above 30

  1. Add proteins to your regular diet consciously. This can be done by adding dals, pulses, yogurt, milk, eggs, and animal meat protein.
  2. Do not skip meals as that leads to eating more than required at one time.
  3. Add Omega-3 fatty acid to meals in the form of nuts, seeds, fish, and some supplements.
  4. Add phytoestrogens aka plant-based estrogens from sources like soya, flax seeds, and lentils. These help in keeping a balanced hormone level.
  5. Women after 30 must take care of adding fiber as it helps in increasing meal satiety and control cravings. Shift from a high-calorie diet to a high fiber diet. It will help in weight loss when you have a slow metabolism.
  6. Add Calcium enriched foods like curd, milk, cheese, paneer, and fish like sardines or salmon to your diet at this time especially. If one is lactose intolerant, please go for dry lotus stem, fenugreek leaves, sesame seeds, or cauliflower greens as alternate sources of calcium. Fish can be a good option. Check out the easy fish recipes here

Those were the basic dietary changes that women need to keep in mind as they turn 30. To help things out with a customized diet for 30 plus women, we are sharing a diet plan for you that can be of help to all women above 30 in general.

Weight Loss Diet Plan For Women above 30

Keeping in view the above-mentioned nutrition essentials for women above 30 we are helping you out with a basic customized weight loss diet plan for women above 30. Hope it will add value to your daily life in many ways.

Customized weight loss diet plan for women above 30

Breakfast or meal 1

  • 200g nonfat paneer with any 100 fruit of your choice (preferably apple or strawberry)

Lunch or meal 2

  • Begin with munching a salad made with leafy greens like lettuce or spinach. along with chopped mixed vegetables like peppers, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, and tomato.
  • One mixed grain chapati or rice with dal and a bowl of curd.

Snack or meal 3

  • a glass of salted lassi or Chach

Dinner or meal 4

  • Cooked brown rice in one bowl with 2 cups (160g) steamed green vegetables like cauliflower, peas, beans with garlic flavored red chilly seasoning (recipe coming up in the next post here).

Snack or meal 5

  • 1 cup of golden turmeric milk

So that was the customized diet plan for weight loss for women above 30 and as you can see it is based on our daily Indian food items.

Here are a few workable tips to add some options..

  1. You can alternatively use soya nuggets in place of paneer or cottage cheese.
  2. Those who prefer nonvegetarian food in the morning can have eggs.
  3. Dals can be added to vegetables or vice-versa to make food interesting and full of texture.
  4. Try to consciously add colors of the rainbow to your diet. You can fill it up with vegetables and that will make a nutrition-dense diet for you that will help in regulating hormone levels.
  5. The most important thing to remember is that women require approximately 600mg of calcium per day. So that means it is safe for women above 30 to have 400ml of milk daily.

This can be followed easily but if you are looking for a way to customize your own diet plan you can check this blog where we talk about ways to make your personalized diet plan.

Please remember never ever to go below 1200 kcal a day in your customized weight loss diet plan for women above 30. For more specific diet plans, you can check this.., this, and this blog here.

If you are looking for a personalized diet plan with a workout plan specially made for you, contact us here…