Dance Exercise For Fitness



Dance Exercise For Fitness

Hello all,

How are you all doing? Let me tell you something about myself. I am on the slimmer side and instead of losing weight, I am always on the lookout for a workout that helps me build up my stamina.  I get tired easily, so I started my dance workout that is not too taxing on my energy levels.  Yes, after a dance session of just 5 mins I am breathless with my heart pounding.  I am only a beginner, so kindly excuse me.

What I felt is that a dance workout makes me happy and it is a well-known fact that doing things that make you happy is always beneficial.  (By the way, my dance workout song is ‘Go Go Go Govinda’/ ‘dance pe chance marle’.  It requires quite a bit of energy.)

Dance Exercise For Fitness

This was my part of the story; let us see how one should go about dance workouts.

Dance Exercise For Fitness

  • Keep yourself well hydrated as you are bound to sweat during the session.
  • Preferably look into the mirror while dancing. You can see your form while making the moves. I always look into the mirror and also make facial expressions (that is just for fun, but it makes me feel good)
  • Beginners (like me!) should not overdo it. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!
  • Take rest in between. Don’t allow yourself to get tired.
  • After completing the session perform cool-down exercises.
  • Don’t forget to eat something before your session. It can be fresh fruit or dry fruits. If you have a long and rigorous session, you need something post-session too.  Go in for food with proteins and carbohydrates. Your options are cottage cheese, whole wheat sandwich, fish, chicken, fruits, and nuts.
  • Coming to the footwear part, the shoes and footwear that are best suited for Bollywood dance workouts should have good shock absorbers and should protect your feet.  Though some people (even me) prefer dancing barefoot it is a good idea to invest in some good dancing shoes if you are going to do it for long hours.

 I don’t have a trainer or instructor but I am happy to be the master of my own free will. Sometimes the movements have a magical effect on me and that is why I chose this over other stamina-building exercises. Here is how you can benefit from dancing:

  • Protects against illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression
  • Tones your entire body, not just one target area.
  • Helps in weight loss. (aerobic dancing helps in particular)
  • The flexibility of the body increases.
  • Strengthens the bones and muscles without hurting the joints.
  • As dancing requires fast movement and good posture, it will help you to stabilize and get better control over your body. It improves your posture and balance.
  • Reduces stress and tension by diverting the mind from ongoing life issues.

So happy dancing!!

If you wish to work out on a Bollywood style playlist, it goes here 🙂 – Luv Tarun

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