Dentist dragged wife by hair after demanding clean clothes



Dentist dragged wife by hair after demanding clean clothes 1

An abusive dentist has been jailed after physically assaulting his wife and threatening to pour bleach down her throat.

Dr Amandeep Goma was handed a three-year sentence after he repeatedly assaulted his wife and used security cameras to try to control her.

The court heard that the victim had gone to the police in November 2020 after eight months of abuse, reports the The Mirror.

The 39 year old was also having an affair, who also reported him for assault.

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Abusive behaviour

According to the prosecution, Goma grew physically abusive over the course of March 2020 to November 2020.

It was said that he grew enraged when his wife took their children out of the house during the first lockdown.

Between these months, he installed a camera in his home so that he could monitor his wife’s activities. The court also heard that he controlled his wife’s finances ‘to an abusive degree’ by only depositing small amounts into their joint bank account.

Jurors were told that he threatened to make her drink bleach during an argument about cleaning. In one instance, he dragged his wife by her hair to their washing machine so she could do the laundry.

The court was played several audio clips that his wife had recorded as evidence, which the prosecution suggested show him hitting her with shoes and making threats.

Jailed and suspended

Goma was convicted of by a jury of controlling or coercive behaviour in a family relationship.

In a separate trial, he was also convicted of two charges of assault by beating against his girlfriend and criminal damage to her phone.

The GDC has suspended him for 18 months, to be reviewed in six.

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