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‘We need an army of vaccinators’ – Professor Eddie Scher talks to Dentistry Online about why he is so passionate for dentistry’s involvement in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. 

Earlier this month, Professor Eddie Scher – a specialist in oral surgery and prosthodontics – wrote to the profession, urging teams to get involved with the vaccination efforts.

‘As dentists, we have to ask ourselves how we can help the country. Providing our routine care is essential – but giving up just one day a week from our practices could transform the COVID-19 vaccination effort,’ he wrote.

In our latest podcast episode, he expands on his plea and explains why he thinks it is crucial that dentists sign up.

He also discusses what it was like to receive his first vaccine shot, which was administered by a physiotherapist. As of Friday 5 February, more than 15% of the UK’s adult population had been vaccinated.

‘It’s wonderful how many people have volunteered,’ he says.

‘But it’s also very sad for me that when the government were writing down their list of volunteers, they didn’t mention dentists.’

He adds: ‘They’re our patients. These people are our patients. They are part of our community. If we can get this out, we can help them.’

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 Topics include:

  • Getting a vaccine dose
  • The vaccine rollout
  • Vaccine sign up process
  • Looking ahead
  • Getting into implant dentistry.

This podcast was recorded via Zoom on Monday 1 February 2021.

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