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Dentistry Online podcast with Joe Lovett 1

In the latest episode, we hear from Joe Lovett who discusses his latest projects, his time at FMC and how he hopes to make a difference.

This week we’re joined by Joe Lovett, the owner of Catalyst Sales and Marketing.

We chat about how he spent his lockdown, what he learnt from his 10 years at FMC and what he hopes to do for dentistry.

Discussing his ‘fast tracking your future’ project, he also explains how he hopes to give young dentists a helping hand.

‘I really do get joy out of putting people together,’ he says.

‘I’m not a clinician – I don’t have many particular talents or a particularly strong skillset myself. But helping people to form strategic partnerships and bringing people together is really important to me.’

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Captivate or below.

Topics include:

Topics include:

  • Lockdown
  • Getting started in dentistry
  • Time at FMC
  • ‘Fast tracking your future’ project
  • Young dentistry
  • Plans for the future
  • His pet Chihuahua, Bentley

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