Dentistry Online podcast with Natalie Bradley


Natalie Bradley describes her journey into special care dentistry and how she has adapted and overcome the obstacles of the pandemic. 

We hear from special care dentist Natalie Bradley, who discusses how her work was impacted throughout 2020.

She talks us through how she got into special care dentistry and what she thinks needs to be done to improve access for vulnerable patients.

‘I think in terms of general accessing healthcare, I think this has really improved over the pandemic in certain areas because of the ‘Everyone In’ campaign where they got everyone who was rough sleeping off the streets and into hotels and student accommodation,’ she says.

‘But dentistry has been a bit left behind in that and not really been included in the same way, which isn’t an uncommon occurrence.’

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Captivate or below.

Topics include:

  • Lockdown
  • COVID-19 and special care dentistry
  • Journey into dentistry
  • Access for the homeless
  • Interests outside of dentistry.

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