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This week we chat to one of the fastest growing names in dentistry, Dr Robbie Hughes, about his time as a world champion kickboxer and his plans for the future. 

In our latest podcast episode, we talk to the owner of Dental Excellence, Robbie Hughes, who strives to take cosmetic dentistry to the next level.

We discuss his entry into dentistry, how he has worked his way up in the profession and any obstacles he had to overcome to get to where he is today.

He also puts forward his top tips for young and aspiring dentists.

He says: ‘I think you’ve got to learn your skillset at first – learn your craft.

‘People see me do smile makeovers every day but I’ve done a lot of everything…I think you should find the area that you want to hone in on without overlooking other aspects of dentistry at the beginning.’

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Captivate or below.

Topics include:

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