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Dentistry Online podcast with Sarah MacDonald 1

Sarah MacDonald chats to Dentistry Online about getting back to work, the future of orthodontic therapy and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 

In this week’s episode we chat to Sarah MacDonald, an orthodontic therapist based in London.

We talk about the key obstacles faced by dental therapists in light of COVID-19 and what she expects dentistry to look like in the future.

We also chat about the launch of FMC’s brand new magazine, Clinical Dentistry. As one of our editorial board members, Sarah talks about why she’s excited to be involved and why the magazine will help so many in the profession.

‘Another thing that I feel has brought people together – and I know this sounds crazy – is Instagram,’ she says.

‘I often get messages. My Instagram is by no means beautifully crafted – that’s not the purpose. It’s purely: “This is what I do and this is my journey as an orthodontic therapist.”

‘And actually I’ll quite often have general dentists messaging me and saying they’ve never thought about incorporating an orthodontic therapist into general practice. They’ll ask: “What do you do? How do you work? How can this fit in with my practice?”‘

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Topics include:

  • Lockdown
  • Key challenges
  • Clinical Dentistry magazine
  • Future of dentistry
  • Interests outside of dentistry.

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