Dentistry Online podcast with Shakir and Nafisa Mughal


We are joined by Shakir and Nafisa Mughal to talk about their eco-friendly business venture, Pure Earth Essentials.

Set up alongside partner Rajan Sethi, Pure Earth Essentials sells ethically-sourced, biodegradable and sustainable products – both dental and beyond.

We discuss why the trio decided to set up the business and how they hope to transform the future of dentistry.

‘Eventually, our biggest goal is to become a company where we can be innovative and start creating our own products,’ says Shakir.

‘We want to be able to say we can take a lump of plastic and turn it into something that’s useful.’

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Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Captivate or below.

Topics include:

  • Story behind the business
  • Choosing products
  • Importance for dentistry
  • Environmental impact of COVID-19
  • Eco-friendly tips for practices
  • Looking forward.

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