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Dentistry Online podcast with Shalini Nayee 1

Shalini Nayee speaks out about the importance of mental health in dentistry and why a unified approach is crucial.

Conversations surrounding mental health in dentistry have never been more necessary. This week we chat to Shalini Nayee, NIHR academic clinical fellow in oral medicine. She helped to put together a new guide aimed solely at the dental profession titled: ‘Wellbeing support for the dental team’.

Released on Monday 18 January, Shalini talks about how the idea came about, why it was put together and also what needs to be done to tackle mental health issues in the profession.

‘It’s been really difficult week by week knowing what you’re supposed to be doing or where to be,’ she says.

‘I was redeployed during the first wave, which was very different to my usual role. I believe a number of the members of our collaborative who have put this document together have also had their roles fundamentally changed.

‘We’ve all – as a group who’ve put the document together – had a lot of changes. I also think putting it together was helpful in the sense it makes you aware of the importance of a work/life balance.’

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The guide will be also available at from Monday 18 January 2021.

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