DLN Success Story – Deputy Sheriff Receives a New Smile

by Fitcoachion | Last Updated: September 29, 2020

Richard and Dr. Azi Yavari

Richard, 44, lives in Jacksonville with his roommate and he has joint custody of his two daughters. After working for years as a deputy sheriff and a correctional officer, he had to retire due to his poor health. He has type-1 diabetes that has caused numbness and pain in his legs and feet and suffers from gastroparesis which causes extreme nausea. Additionally he has a back injury and suffers from PTSD.

His dental condition had also deteriorated because his chronic nausea from his gastroparesis had taken a toll on his teeth. Richard was missing many teeth and those remaining were broken or decayed. He survives on a Social Security Disability benefit and food stamps and struggles to make ends meet. Sadly, the dental treatment he needed seemed far beyond his reach.

How DDS Helped

Fortunately, Richard was referred to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program by his nurse case manager and was linked with three generous volunteers.

“The staff was very nice and Dr. Yavari is just amazing. They are an extraordinary group of highly caring and compassionate professionals that I thank God for each day. Thank you for helping me and for placing me with these amazing ladies.”
— Richard, DDS Patient

“Thank you for giving our office the opportunity to treat Richard. He is such an amazing person and we have loved getting to know him.”
— Dr. Azi Yavari, DDS Volunteer

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