DLN Success Story – Iowa Elder Gets Much Needed Dental Care!



Art, DDS Patient and Dr. Leslie Ehlen, DDS VolunteerArt, 66, lives in West Des Moines, Iowa. He was a general manager for Burger King for 25 years until he retired because of his health. This past year his health has been especially challenging. Art was hospitalized with cellulitis, sepsis, anemia and back problems. He was also diagnosed with giant cell arteritis and the medication to treat it caused additional problems that resulted in him being placed in a rehabilitation facility where he developed pneumonia.

Art’s dental health presented another challenge: he was missing several teeth and some of his remaining teeth were broken to the gum line. Surviving on Social Security and a small retirement benefit, Art struggles to make ends meet. Art desperately wanted to address his dental health before it impacted his existing health conditions, but he could not afford the treatment.

How DDS Helped
Thankfully, three generous Donated Dental Services (DDS) volunteers came to Art’s aid. An oral surgeon extracted six teeth, and Dr. Leslie Ehlen, a general dentist, removed a root tip, and with the help of a volunteer lab, donated a crown, a full upper denture, and partial lower denture. Thanks to these caring volunteers, Art restored his dental health and gave him a new reason to smile.

“I just couldn’t be happier with the work from Dr. E. I ate a steak for the first time in forever and really enjoyed it and look forward to eating more things that have been off my diet for so long. I am just so grateful and humble for the help and how greatly everyone treated me.”
– Art, DDS Patient

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