DLN Success Story – Patient with Epilepsy Gets Her Smile Restored!



Nicole, 32, is a Denver native who loves spending time with her three children, who currentlyDLN Success Story – Patient with Epilepsy Gets Her Smile Restored! 1 live with her parents. Diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age, she suffers from ongoing seizures. Her epilepsy has created additional medical challenges, including her dental health. Seizures caused Nicole to grind her teeth, resulting in chipped and cracked teeth while others had completely fallen out.

Unfortunately, one tooth was located in her sinus cavity, causing her constant pain. Unable to work due to her health, Nicole survives on food stamps and a small Social Security Disability benefit. Living in subsidized housing, she struggles to get by and the dental care she desperately needed was out of reach.

How DDS Helped

Thankfully, a team of generous Donated Dental Service (DDS) volunteers came to Nicole’s aid, providing much-needed relief for her. Dr. Amanda Jozsa, a DDS volunteer, extracted one tooth, restored 11 others, provided cleanings, and conducted three root canals. An orthodontist also contributed, providing braces to fix the spaces in her teeth, and another general dentist fitted Nicole with an upper partial denture. Additionally, two labs stepped in to help, with one lab helping to develop Nicole’s treatment plan, while another discounted the fabrication of the upper denture. Thanks to this amazing team, the donated treatment relieved her pain, restored her dental health, and gave her a new reason to smile.

“My experience throughout my process with Donated Dental was one of care and love. Thank you so much to everyone.”
— Nicole, DDS Patient

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