Does Eating Slow Help In Weight Loss ?



Does Eating Slow Help In Weight Loss ?

Happiee Monday, especially to Corporates 😛 . How are you doing ? How was your weekend ? My weekend was full of surprises, will keep you posted 😉

I have always been badnaam about eating slow. I always find myself in an embarassing situation where people look at my plate to check how much is left since they were done eating ages ago 🙁

Does Eating Slow Help In Weight Loss ?

Its not that I eat slow since it brings some benefits. Or it does ? I have been eating slow since childhood when I did not know if eating slow brings weight loss, so its a habit, a bad one(for others) !

I get bashed from everyone – family , friends and colleagues for eating slow. Some of
my dear ones have given up on me, they get up when they finish( read I allow them :P) and I continue with my meal :D.

I eat slow for a few reasons –

  • I like to chew a lot. I just can’t gulp food down my throat.

  • If I am watching TV(only weekeds ), I forget that I was eating 😛 . Terms and conditions apply, TV show must be interesting for best results 😉

  • Lastly , for me eating is a pleasure. I am a foodie, every bite of my food makes me feel alive.. up and breathing !

I came across a few articles across web while searching for the question –

Does Eating Slow Help In Weight Loss ?

I read a lot of studies that linked eating slowly to weight loss but I could not found any data associated with it. Finally I found some interesting facts –

A research from University of Rhode Island studied the effects of eating speed by experiments on a few people. This research came out with a confirmation that the people who ate fast, ate about 650 calories per meal. People who ate slow, ate 580 calories per meal.

The difference here is 70 calories. If you assume that you eat 3 main meals a day , you are actually eating 70*3 = 210 lesser calories in a day ! Do the math for a week, month and 1 year, you will know !

Ideally, your calorie intake will drop far more than 210 calories if you are a careful eater. I am referring to mid meals and light dinner. If you eat every two hours or snack in between your meals, you will never eat 580 calories in the first place. Second, if you are a health freak, your dinner will certainly be lighter than 580 calories !

The same research also found that people who ate fast tend to drink less water than those who eat slower. People who ate fast, drank 290g of water on average while slower eaters drank up to 410g water! Weight watchers, if you don’t know how to effectively drink water, read here.

So ,take time to Thank God for his blessings and  enjoy your meals ! Not everyone is fortunate like us to get 3 meals a day in our plates.

God Bless Everyone !