Dr .K.A.Abraham : India lose a pioneering cardiologist



With deep regret, reporting the demise of Dr. KA Abraham, cardiologist, par excellence in our part of the world(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.) He was a man of great knowledge,  wisdom, and integrity and was an inspiration to generations of cardiologists like us.

Dr .K.A.Abraham : India lose a pioneering cardiologist 1

Dr.K.A Abraham 1942-2021

A life, that was fully dedicated to all those heart patients, many of them sick children in his den, the Railway hospital, Chennai for three decades. Though, never had the privilege to be associated with him either directly, nor does he know me, one could feel instantly the greatness and simplicity in him. It’s 1994-95, vividly recall, the early morning classes, he took in the small auditorium in the Railway hospital,(For which, we used to rush to the far away Perambur from MMC in the peak Chennai traffic). His passion for teaching the basics of cardiac catheterization was phenomenal. Somehow, I used to think he was in the league of the Nobel trio of “Forssman, Richards & Cournand” who invented cardiac catheterization.

Those were ordinary days when the quest for knowledge and teaching was pure and Dr. Abraham was one of the great souls in pursuit of genuine and quality cardiac care. No surprise, his services were recognized and conferred a top award of India,  Padmashree.

Yes, India truly lost a pioneering cardiologist.