Dr Reddy’s Celevida , A celebration of life, sweet enough without sugar



Dr Reddy’s Celevida

A celebration of life, sweet enough without sugar

Recently my 85 years old mother was hospitalized due to age-related health issues and it became very difficult for us to help her manage her diabetes. She was very weak and craving for something sweet almost daily. Being a diabetic she was not allowed to consume sugar at all so we began looking for some nutritional drink that could help her with post-illness recovery as she was not eating much. That was the time when we discovered Dr Reddy’s Celevida , a nutritional drink which is exclusively targeted at diabetics to help them manage blood sugar levels.

Dr Reddy's Celevida
Dr Reddy’s Celevida is a nutritional drink for diabetics

Why Celevida needs to be recommended!

My personal views about the various health and nutritional drinks available all over the market had not been very positive but after seeing my mother managing her diabetes so well with Celevida drink, I realized the need to go through the ingredients used in it. A quick look explained that …

Dr.Reddy’s Celevida is made up of 3 grains (Ragi, Soy, and Gram) and is clinically proven to;

  • Manage 24 hours blood sugar spikes,
  • Support heart health by increasing the good cholesterol,
  • Support weight management by providing satiety up to 3 hrs. with just 85kcal per serve
  • It also supports the immunity of diabetics & pre-diabetics
  • It comes in a unique flavor ‘Kesar Elaichi’ containing real saffron and cardamom.
  • Any nutritional supplement is considered incomplete without being fortified with multivitamins and minerals so living up to the expectation of a good nutrition drink, Celevida is fortified with 20 vitamins and minerals.
  • It consists of folate, iron, magnesium, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and vitamin C which are all required to help manage fatigue in diabetic patients.
  • Celevida is high in MUFA that is known to assist in lowering triglycerides among diabetics.

Celevida, the nutritional drink comes in two amazing flavors, Chocolate and Kesar Elachi, which is endowed with real saffron and cardamom.

Both of these flavors fulfill the criteria of being low GI, sugar-free nutritional drinks. It is an effective drink that has been clinically shown to manage blood sugar spikes for 24 hours when taken along with medication and helps steady energy release. Not only that, but it also supports heart health by increasing good cholesterol.

Celevida can be used as a partial meal replacement by all those who are on a weight loss journey. The amazing news is that Celevida provides satiety for up to three hours with just 85kcal per serve (when taken with water). Its consumption is also easy. All you need to do is, take 200ml lukewarm water in a glass, add one 25g scoop of Celevida drink to it and stir well. Bingo, you are good to go. This drink must be consumed within 30 minutes of preparing it and one serving can support nutrition as well as immunity for diabetic and pre-diabetics.

Experts suggest that Celevida can be had twice a day either as part of the main meal or in between meals as a mini-meal or snack. Just to reiterate, Celevida is a food for special dietary use and not a food for special medical purposes.

India is becoming the diabetes hub very fast and it is expected that soon diabetes will gain the status of an epidemic. Today India has more than 73 million diabetics and 80 million pre-diabetic population. As per the statistics, our country is estimated to have the largest diabetes population in the world by 2035. That is scary, isn’t it?

Keeping the above-mentioned data in view, the nutritional drink Celevida comes as a breather with some hope to the existing as well as potential diabetes population.

‘Celevida’, the name has been derived by ‘Cele’ that means celebration and ‘Vida’ that means life so let us celebrate life with Dr Reddy’s Celevida and help your diabetic friends and family enjoy each and every moment of life.