E-bike range Test



Yesterday I put my e-bike in medium assist mode (“sport”) and was able to ride 45 miles on 60% of the battery, which would work out to 80 miles on a full battery. On lighter assist (“eco”) it could probably go about a third further, over 100 miles.

Active Transportation Here We Come

This is great for recreation if I want to go on long rides in the country, but it is even better news for active transportation. I already walk or bike for errands in Morgan Hill, where everything is within a few miles. But sometimes I need to get to the neighboring towns of Gilroy or San Jose, which is possible on a conventional bike but I must admit to not always doing it. With electric assist, it is much more feasible, and there’s almost nothing I need that is not within an 80-mile round trip. The furthest I can think of offhand is my cardiologist who is 21 miles away (and I only need to go there twice a year). Now it’s just a question of mapping out safe routes to everywhere I need to go.

Highlights of Yesterday’s Ride:

E-bike range Test 1
Southern Entrance to Paradise Valley on Oak Glen Ave, I Turned Left here on Sycamore Ave
E-bike range Test 2
I had just climbed up over the steep hill on Sycamore, this is looking towards the top. The other side that I came up is steeper. The new bike has pretty low gearing so I would have been able to do it with some effort without assist. With assist it was a breeze.
E-bike range Test 3
Descending into the Sycamore valley
E-bike range Test 4
A Vineyard on Redwood Retreat Road
E-bike range Test 5
I learned today that the road gets its name from this Fernwood Cellars retreat
E-bike range Test 6
Some more scenery on the way back down Redwood Retreat Road
E-bike range Test 7
View of the Gavilan range on Burchell road
E-bike range Test 8
Sarah’s Vineyard on Hecker Pass Highway. The road continues over the pass and drops down into Watsonville, and is our back way to the coast. Unfortunately the shoulder disappears when it starts climbing, so it’s not great for biking. There are plans to build a bike route up to the summit. I turned right to head for home before the shoulder disappeared.