Early Morning Bike Tour


I went for a 3 1/2 hour bike and hike tour at the northern end of Morgan Hill and a little north, on a beautiful late spring morning.

Nice View of El Toro from an unpaved path near the Coyote Creek Trail
New unpaved trail next to Coyote Creek trail that leads to Coyote Creek Golf Course
Early Morning Fog Starting to Lift

I rode to Coyote Valley Open Space preserve and locked my bike, and hiked the Arrowhead trail. The county had made the trail one way for social distancing because it has a lot of single track.

Starting up the first big climb on the Arrowhead trail, nice view of Coyote Valley.
Coyote valley again from a lookout, Mt Hamilton visible in the distance straight ahead. The hills across the way are starting to turn, by the end of May they’ll be “golden”