East Side Adventure



After recovering with a day off followed by an easy day, yesterday I went on a longer group ride. It started 11 miles away in Gilroy so I just rode my e-bike to the start. We headed up into the hills East of Gilroy by what was for me a new route. After some serious climbing, we were rewarded with nice views. We then looped around back to the start point. After lunch there, I cruised back home. I was a bit tired by that point so was glad to be able to bump up the assist.

East Side Adventure 1
Working Our Way Up a portion of Leavesley Road I’d not been on. Narrow and steep, but fortunately lightly traveled
East Side Adventure 2
A ranch at the top of Leavesley. The cows in the distance came over to check us out.
East Side Adventure 3
Back to familiar territory. Leavesley joined up with Roop Road and we’re dropping down the far side past the Mendoza ranch entrance to Harvey Bear County park.