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Free Diet Plan Recipes For Weight Loss

Easy Cabbage Rolls-

I know Monday is not a good day to discuss recipes and weight loss yet there is no harm in planning to make something that looks ‘OMG, that’s so difficult to cook’, but in reality is very easy to prepare. So let us plan to make easy cabbage rolls in our effort to provide our readers free diet plan recipes for weight loss.

Are you planning to make something nice yet easy that goes with your low carb diet protocol? Go for these cabbage and cauliflower recipes. I learnt this recipe after a lot of research about carb control and free diet plan recipes for weight loss, a few years back. Read about benefits of cabbage here…here…

I don’t like to cook but easy recipes like these cabbage rolls tempt me to. These rolls are easy to make and the best part is that the inside filling can be changed according to individual taste.

Easy Cabbage Rolls

free diet plan recipes for weight loss Cabbage rolls
Easy Cabbage rolls Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash


Lets see how this can be prepared without much effort. Here is a step by step list of how to do.

Prepare the cover first

The first important thing is the choice of cabbage. You require a small and tender cabbage. Some people who love to cook in a complicated way boil the whole cabbage head and peel out each layer one by one. Once I tried doing it but I felt that so much of effort was not my cup of tea. Easier way to peel out the layers of raw cabbage.

  • Add 1 tsp salt to boiling water in a big pan.
  • Peel out whole leaves softly and add to boiling water.
  • Let those rest for few seconds.
  • Take out leaves softly with a tong and pat them dry with a kitchen towel.
  • Now with a roller pin (belan) roll the whole leaves so that they are ready for the filling. TIP- Carefully remove thick veins from cabbage leaves for easier rolling if any. That is why I suggest to be careful before picking up cabbage for making rolls.

Let us fill it now-

Free Diet Plan Recipes For Weight Loss
Easy cabbage rolls, Free Diet Plan Recipes For Weight Loss (filling)

I like to keep things easy so generally use leftover dry vegetables as filling but if I have to make fresh fillings, I go for sautéed cauliflower and capsicums. You can add some red cabbage, colored peppers and sauté with some chopped onions, crushed garlic and grated ginger.

Mix well and let it cook uncovered for a minute till water dries up.

Roll it now

Roll blanched cabbage leaves with roller pin one by one and fill in the filling mix. Chop off the rough corners and precure with toothpicks if you wish to make things easy. 

Cook it

  • Shallow fry on a non stick tawa or pan with a spray of oil or a brush of ghee to get a golden brown crust.

What else to fill in

Egg :

cabbage Egg rolls
Easy cabbage egg rolls free diet plan recipes for weight loss
  • Make scrambled eggs to fill in the cabbage rolls.

 Paneer :

  • Grate Paneer, add masala of your choice or make bhurji to fill inside the rolls.

 Non Veg :

cabbage roll 3

  • Fill any minced meat of your choice.

Soya Keema

  • Fill inside a nice juicy spicy Soya keema if you are a vegan.

Easy Cabbage Rolls

Topping and serving ideas

  • Add some grated cheese on top, microwave for a few seconds before serving to make cheese melt and serve hot with any spicy ketchup.
  • If you cook it my way, shallow fried version without eggs, the best is to serve with a green chilly, garlic and tomato sauce.
  • You can prepare Indian masala gravy and pour on the rolls just before serving.

Though it looks like too much of effort to prepare these rolls, but in fact these easy cabbage rolls are the simplest thing I have ever cooked.

If you are looking for free diet plan recipes for weight loss and found this easy cabbage roll recipe good, then how about making it tonight for dinner?