Eat Rice Lose Weight; Know how.



How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

Oooh yeah, my South Indian friends would be extremely happy to read this post 🙂  My North Indian friends, please don’t be miffed :), we also like to hog on Basmati rice equally 😛

Let me ask you a question –

I am sure not many would say a Yes!

You are going to hear now – I had once been on a rice diet for 3 weeks and was losing weight too! When my dietician asked me to stop wheat, I was like “Whatttt”? My expressions were as if I had gone bankrupt 😉 Its a SIN to ask a North Indian to give up on Paranthas or rotis but people, I did ! I did give up Wheat ! Phew, its seems like ages 🙁

Ok, coming to the point now.

Yes, you can eat rice and lose weight

How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

Rules to follow…

One – Half a small bowl or one fist rice is what 1 person needs. Portion control is extremely important. We measure rotis by count, do you measure rice that you eat?

Two – No achaar please. You can use a teaspoon of Desi Ghee if required. There is a difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon 😛 BTW, Desi Ghee is very healthy, read here. Don’t burn it, use it in cooked curries, rice n rotis.

Three – Have companions, it’s not good to be alone right? 😛 Same way – have salad, curd, vegetable and pulses as companions of rice.  When we eat roti, we have all of these. Above all, you chew wheat and it takes time for you to eat and our brain realizes you are full and have eaten enough. With rice, you gulp it down your throat, still feel nothing:P. How to handle this problem? Simple, have companions 🙂 or add companions to rice like pulao with lots of veggies.

rice for weight loss

Four – Use Pressure Cooker when you cook Pulaao. When you use pressure cooker, you don’t need oil. Just boil the veggies with rice.

Five – When you prefer steamed rice, cook rice in excess water. When rice gets cooked, throw the excess water.

Six – Have rice in Lunch. If you want to eat rice in dinner, have brown rice.

Seven – Add a spoonful of Flax seeds and Chia seeds to rice/curd to increase fiber content. Read about them here and here.

Eight – Eat in a small plate. This will help you to eat in control.

Nine – If possible, don’t use separate bowls for pulses/curd/veggies. If you do, there are chances that you would finish rice first leaving the healthier stuff behind. Add everything on top of rice heap, mix and have. Its great to be raw sometimes 😛

Ten – Cook only the required quantity otherwise, you would end up eating more. If you are hungry after finishing a serving, wait for a while. Sometimes we take time to sense if we are satiated or not.

Eleven – I am not your Maths teacher to teach you the entire counting, lolz 😛 :P.

P.S – I am totally sober! It is just that one feels good to talk light during these tough times.

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