15 Benefits Of Eating Beetroot



15 Benefits Of Eating Beetroot

The red-colored beetroot is well known among the population. Everyone knows how healthy it is. There are various health benefits of eating beet mainly because it contains potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, carbohydrates, proteins, anti-oxidants, folic acid, and fiber in it.

15 Benefits Of Eating Beetroot

Do you know that the juice has more benefits than the cooked beetroot? Many may dislike beets but it’s a great source of iron and can do many good things for your health. It is considered a superfood. So let’s check the health benefits of beetroot today.

Nutritional Value Of Beetroot

Nutrition Values:

Beetroot juice contains various minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Beetroot:

1. Controls Blood Pressure:

Beetroot is rich in nitrates which when comes in contact with the tongue, forms nitrites and nitric oxide. These two components widen the arteries and lower the blood pressure. Just 500g of beetroot a day can reduce the blood pressure in 6 hours. Moreover the higher the blood pressure the greater the drop rate. Isn’t it great!

2. For Pregnant Women:

Beetroot gives extra energy during pregnancy. The rich content of folic acid in it helps in the formation of the spinal cord of the child in the mother’s womb.

3. Diabetes:

Beetroots contain sugars that are fat-free, low in calories, and has medium glycemic index. This index means that it releases sugar slowly into the blood. So this keeps in maintaining low sugar levels in the blood.

4. Prevents the formation of Plaque and Bad Cholesterol:

Soluble fibers, flavonoids, betacyanin are present in quantity in beetroots. Betacyanin is the one due to which we see the dark red color. This reduces the LDL or the bad cholesterol and doesn’t let it deposit in the arteries thus preventing plaque.

5. Cures Anemia:

Iron present in beetroots helps in the formation of haemagglutinin, which transports the oxygen and nutrients to the different parts of the body.

6. Prevents Osteoporosis:

Silica helps in the absorption of calcium by the body. This is present in beetroot due to which it can prevent bone problems or diseases like osteoporosis.

7. Boosts Energy:

The nitrate content in beetroots helps to dilate the arteries due to which oxygen transports easily to various body parts giving the person energy. It also contains iron in high quantity which also could be the reason for increasing energy. So, just a glass of this juice at the end of the tiring day can boost your energy.

8. Prevents Cancer:

It prevents cancer cells or the tumor’s growth in the body. Betacyanin in beetroots reduces the growth of the cells up to 12.5% in cancer patients, especially breast and prostate cancer patients.

9. Improves Brain Power:

As discussed above, beets help in boosting energy by supplying oxygen and nutrients. The same way, it helps in boosting brain power and improves its functioning.

10. Healthy Stomach:

The high soluble fiber content present in the beets helps to clean up the colon and the stomach regulating the bowel movement.

11. Slows the Process of Dementia and Alzheimer’s:

The nitrates in beets help fight against Dementia and also Alzheimer’s slowing down the progress. The nitric oxide in the blood increases the blood flow to the brain which improves its functioning.

12. Aging:

Antioxidants in the beetroots prevent cell damage and DNA damage and remove damaged and aging free radicals from the body due to which aging slows down.

13. Digestion:

It improves the digestion and regulates the metabolism. It also balances the acidity in the stomach in people with low acid levels n their stomachs.

14. Detoxification of Lever:

Beet juice can detoxify the liver and stimulation its function. It also improves liver, kidney, and bladder functioning by protecting the liver and bile ducts.

15. Healthy Hair:

People believe that the carotenoids in the beets improve the quality, thickness, and shining of the hair and also fights dandruff though it is not clinically proved. However, it is clinically proved that it improves blood circulation due to which hair growth may be possible. Silica present n it may also support that it improves the shining of the hair and its health.

Side Effects:

If eaten too much of beetroots, the urine may turn to pink color which is usually mistaken as blood while it’s not.

Beetroot contains oxalates which should be cut down from the diet when kidney stones are formed due to the building up of calcium as stones in the kidneys. Just a glass of beetroot juice a day s more than enough to give you all the benefits listed above like the very common blood pressure, diabetes, energy, digestion, etc. Remember that juice has more benefits than cooked. So it is easy to drink it. If you can’t make it at home, try to invest in the juice available in the market directly.

Do you find enough reasons for Eating Beetroot after knowing its 15 Benefits?

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