Educator of the Month: Amanjot Bajwa



Educator of the Month: Amanjot Bajwa 1

Amanjot is an orthodontist from India working to get a dentist’s license in Canada. She’s a global educator who goes above and beyond to educate everyone she meets.

What Do You Love?

Creating beautiful smiles! I also enjoy cooking, playing basketball, and spending time with my community. I believe in the idea of sustainable clothing, preventing food wastage and distribution of food.

What Drives You to Volunteer?

After my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew I wanted to help educate and spread awareness. Know Your Lemons allows me to do that! I love being a Lemonista and sharing this vital information with those I come in contact with.

I consider it my duty to spread awareness because I’m in a position where I meet new people on a daily basis.

I work as a dental assistant and administrator at a dental clinic in Canada. So, I try to educate each one of the patients and give them cards. In the evening, I visit the clients who wanted a detailed session if time was a constraint during their dental visit.

Being a part of the health care system I consider it a prime responsibility to spread awareness. Growing up, I never had a breast cancer awareness session from anyone until my aunt was diagnosed with it. I love the Know Your Lemons app because it makes breast exams so accessible. Regular people can learn about the 12 signs of breast cancer too!

Amanjot is always looking for ways to educate, even when she was home isolating with COVID, “I didn’t want to stop educating and spreading awareness of breast cancer symptoms. So I created a video! This way, I could keep educating people without having to be face-to-face.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Amanjot. Your excitement for this work is inspiring! We’re so grateful for all you are doing in your community to educate about breast health.

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