Lisa Wheeler, Educator of the Month



Lisa Wheeler, Educator of the Month 1

Lisa is a Patient Navigator at the Georgia Department of Public Health. She has been a Volunteer Global Educator with us for only a few months. Here is what she says about her experience so far:

I am absolutely loving everything about the Know Your Lemons Campaign! As the Patient Navigator for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program, KYL has been a game-changer in my community outreach

The posters are so colorful – that is what pulls you in, and it makes it so easy to talk about breast cancer because we are using friendly lemons. The questions just flow. Both men and women are so taken by the simplicity of the KYL materials. The lemons also make it easy to overcome barriers around language and gender.

Lisa Wheeler, Educator of the Month 2

I have partnered with amazing Breast Cancer Survivors, and we hold monthly “Reduce Your Risk” Breast Cancer/Health walks. These Awareness Events are held every month in different locations. We combine a walk, lots of KYL breast health information, a cooking demonstration/tasting, and giveaways – including the ingredients to make the recipe at home. We focus on the benefits of exercise/healthy eating and reducing a woman’s Breast Cancer Risk.

There are three of us who are involved in this campaign. Carolyn (Breast Cancer Survivor), Angela (Metastatic Thriver) and myself, the daughter of an amazing, beautiful, and deeply loved and missed mother who passed of Metastatic Breast Cancer.

My colleague Angela had 7 signs of breast cancer prior to her diagnosis, but because she did not present with a lump, she didn’t think she had breast cancer. This wows the audience when she speaks, and it really brings the KYL material to life, and makes things very personal.

Along with the “Reduce Your Risk” walks, I also do a great deal of additional community outreach, which always includes my KYL educational materials! The 12 signs of breast cancer posters are located in all exam rooms in all of the 13 counties I cover. All patients receive breast self-exam instruction and a KYL pamphlet. When I meet with my patients in my “KYL” office, we discuss the basics of the campaign. They also leave with a Self-Exam Basics brochure and a KYL12 signs card.

I go back to the word “Game-Changer”, because truly the KYL materials are just that. Bright, eye-catching, user-friendly, and easy to engage with for male or female patients! I hear, pretty much on a daily basis, ‘Oh my goodness, I had no idea there were so many signs of Breast Cancer!’

My Mom would have been totally bowled over by the KYL campaign and would have been front and center to educate. I know she smiles down upon me, as well as all of the other Lemonistas, as we do this incredible work!”

Thank you for sharing your story Lisa. Your enthusiasm for this important work is palpable and we are so grateful for all you are doing in your community to educate about breast health.

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