Eight Steps to Elevate Your Advocacy



Eight Steps to Elevate Your Advocacy 1

A new year brings fresh avenues for advocacy: new collaboration opportunities, new initiatives to launch, and even new organizations to build. We’re humbled and honored to be a part of the patient journey, and we can’t wait to see what the community accomplishes this year. Along the way, we’ll be here to support your goals, and maximize your impact and reach. To get the year off to a strong start, we created a guide to navigating patient advocacy, taking your outreach to the next level, and securing your dream advocacy opportunities. We created this resource with the help of our Patient Leader Advisory Board and drew insights from their work and experiences as top patient leaders in the online health space.

8 Ways To Elevate Your Advocacy by WEGO Health

Key Takeaways:

👆 Prioritize: The first step towards determining your advocacy goals is to determine what you’re planning to focus on. Advocacy can take so many different forms, so feel free to explore different platforms and communities to find what best suits your personal preferences. Consider creating a list of future objectives, as well as things you’ve accomplished, to track your experiences and determine what you find energizing, and what you find draining. Choosing a focus for your advocacy doesn’t have to be limiting, rather it can be a place to start before you branch out into other strategies and communities.

🗣 Share Your Story: Your personal health story and experiences are at the heart of your advocacy, so be sure to leverage that. Perfecting your advocacy pitch takes time, and comes from opening yourself up to new experiences, engaging with the community, and being willing to learn. Taking courses from other patient leaders, pitching your advocacy work to media publications, and working with organizations are all great ways to expose yourself to the wide world of patient advocacy, and grow your community.

🤝 Collaborate: Your advocacy becomes much strong when you collaborate with other organizations, and individuals to share resources, and boost your creativity. It’s important to network and to be open to new connections to maximize the impact and reach of your advocacy. Don’t worry about the size of their following, after all, the worst that can happen is that they say no.

Please be sure to explore our Patient Leader Network to start connecting and collaborating with patient leaders across conditions. A special thank you to the patient leaders who contributed to this resource: Dr. Christina Hibbert, Jen Schwartz, Brandy Haberer, Daniel Newman, Damian Washington, For the Breast of Us, Trishna Bharadia, and Cathy Chester.

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