Essential Gear You Need to Outfit Your Vehicle for Adventure



Looking to get off the grid? Nothing beats heading miles off the beaten path in a self-sustained rig that’ll support you and your crew for multiple days (even weeks). While many of us might be uncomfortable with the idea of traveling far from civilization, I think that once you get your vehicle properly kitted out with a few camping necessities and creature comforts, you’ll be surprised at how nice it feels to unplug and enjoy the simple beauties of Mother Nature.

Whether it’s a short overnighter at your local beach campground or a weeks-long trip across the desert in search of some epic moto terrain, I think that the intent of all types of adventure seekers remains the same—getting away from it all and relaxing under the stars.

For the last few months, I’ve been working with several companies and outdoor brands to get my Toyota Tacoma outfitted with everything I need to create my own dream adventuremobile—ever-ready in the driveway for whatever excursion should pique my family’s interest next.

I’ve tested out a wide range of gear on my truck, including bed racks, a lockable drawer system, lighting, a rooftop tent, accessory racks, a shower, and more. In short, I tailored my truck to check every box I had on my necessity list to accommodate my wife and I and our two small kids. Here’s the rundown of the best gear I found to dial in my rig for adventure.

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Essential Gear You Need to Outfit Your Vehicle for Adventure