Fixing Boredom and Expanding with Kart Racing



Fixing Boredom and Expanding with Kart Racing

HAVE YOU TRIED KART RACING? I came in 2nd place! (Ok,ok, ok it was just me and my husband racing haha because the place was empty) For Day 3 of my 3 Day Expansion challenge I went Kart racing at K1 Speed. It was not the first time I’ve done it BUT it had been 7 years since I had done it.Fixing Boredom and Expanding with Kart Racing 1

Not sure why something that is SO FUN (I said that last time I went) I didn’t make time for for seven years!

Why do we do that? Why don’t we make time for FUN?

We have a blast doing something (that doesn’t take a lot of time) and then we don’t go again? Why?
Fixing Boredom and Expanding with Kart Racing 2
I’m only on day 4 today of my 30 day commitment and I’m already realizing how l mundane I keep things when there is so much around us to experience. No wonder boredom and creativity dips happen.

What I love about racing these Karts is with the speed and fast turns and crazy tracks you have to be SUPER ultra “PRESENT” and it’s impossible not to be! So especially for those of us with ADHD it gives us a much needed break from the “monkey mind”

I had so much fun- big belly laughs, adrenaline rush and left feeling more clear.

I enrolled my husband in going with me (that wasn’t hard to do) I did two races and then I was hungry (so I was done lol) he stayed several hours more haha – I was at home eating dinner and checked on him and he was STILL RACING.

He thanked me when he got home for asking him to do this.

Anyways… day 4 adventure happening today with a new friend of mine! Stay tuned…

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