Kanji, the fermented drink for weight loss



Kanji, the fermented drink for weight loss

Today let me begin this post with a regret. Umm! Yes, that is true. What I did a few days back…. ! Well I really regret, why I didn’t do it earlier! I made Kanji, the traditional Indian fermented drink for the first time in my life. Later I realized that it can be an integral part of an Indian diet plan for weight loss. Thus I decided to add Kanji, the fermented drink for weight loss part of my regular meal plan.

Isn’t it a shame that despite seeing it being prepared in my household every year during Holi, I didn’t make it even once! Let me tell you the truth. As a kid I never liked the taste of Kanji and dreaded the torture of drinking the Kanji shots just because of the sharp pungent taste of it. That was one reason I never made it at home and also never wanted my kids to go through what I had been through. I guess our tastes change as we begin to age and also age makes us relive our childhood once again. So this year I was so bored one day that I planned to do something that I never liked as a kid. Thus came up the idea of making Kanji. Moreover after so many years of eating all kinds of good and badly cooked food, I felt the need to make and drink Kanji. And here is the verdict… I love Kanji and after knowing all about its health benefits, I have decided to keep making its different variations on a regular basis.

Kanji, the fermented drink for weight loss
Kanji, the fermented drink for weight loss for Indian meal plans

The Recipe

It is one of the easiest things to prepare. All you need is a love for healthy probiotic drinks and knowing the details about how probiotics can help in weight management.


  • Water
  • Carrots (Black, red, orange any will do)
  • Mustard seeds aka Rai one table spoon. (powder/paste). Any color, white, yellow or black will do.
  • Salt to taste. (preferably Sendha Namak/ Himalayan pink salt for better health benefits)

Recipe in Six easy steps

  1. Peel two carrots, one beetroot and cut into thin slices lengthwise.
  2. Keep water for boil and add carrots and beetroot slices.
  3. As water boils keep it to cool along with carrots and beetroot slices.
  4. Add rai powder or paste and salt to taste.
  5. Now just pour everything in a glass/ earthen/ ceramic jar.

Kanji, the fermented drink for weight loss

Keep the jar in sunlight or any warm place so that it can ferment well naturally.

During summers, it might take only 2-3 days, while in winters it might be ready to drink in about four to five days. You need to feel that punch of sour fermentation to know the right taste. A little shake of the jar daily is a must. Do stir at least once a day.

Why you must drink Kanji!

Kanji, as I said is a probiotic drink which is full of health benefits for us.

Great for heart

Kanji is a fermented drink and an excellent blood cleanser. It has no fats and good for keeping your arteries and blood vessels healthy. Thus a health drink for cardiovascular health.

Carrots and beetroots have antioxidants that is helpful in keeping the bad cholesterol low.

Being high on fiber, vitamin C, potassium, manganese and vitamin K it protects against heart disease as well as diabetes.

Good for digestion

Kanji being full of probiotics due to fermentation process, is no less than any miracle. It actually helps healthy gut bacteria.

Immunity booster

Covid times made all of us realize the importance of a strong immune system.  Kanji has properties that helps strengthen our body against bacterial and viral infections. A drink that is rich in Vitamin C, it helps to protects against cold and flu, especially during winters and changing weather.

Kanji benefits for eyesight

Carrots have Anthocyanins and Lutein, which is also known as “the eye vitamin”. It is carotenoid vitamin carrots that has eye health-protecting qualities. Carrot not only benefit our vision but also helps in fighting age-related cataract as well as macular degeneration.

Great skin health

The consumption of antioxidants through Kanji is a wonderful way to get a glowing skin.  The anthocyanins in Kanji helps in preventing the cell degeneration. Antioxidants also help in slowing down aging of skin by keeping it healthy and youthful. As we all know that the Vitamin C in carrots helps producing collagen and protects our skin hydration and elasticity.

Kanji for weight loss

Kanji helps in a healthy digestion and great metabolism. That helps in our weight loss journey too. To accelerate the process of weight loss you can add a glass of kanji as a snack or a pre meal drink. Low on calories and full of fiber, Kanji can help you lose some extra kilos faster.

If you are following Indian diet chart for diabetic patient or indian diet chart for heart patient you can use it as a mid morning snack. Kanji can easily fit in the eating schedule of all those who are following gluten free diet plan.

Finally a word of advice….

While making Kanji, try not to add chilly powder and any other ingredient unless you are sure of its purity. Remember your glass of Kanji is a glass of healthy low calorie drink that is going to clean the toxins from your body. I am sure you don’t want more toxins to be pumped in the body while cleaning up some.