Fighting Off UTI (Sorry If That’s TMI)



About a month ago, I had a fever on the weekend and went to urgent care, where the Doc found bacteria in my urine and diagnosed a urinary tract infection (UTI). So he put me on an antibiotic (Cephalexin) for a week. I felt fine after, but a follow up with my own Doc later showed the bacteria (e-coli) was back. She put me on Cipro, and referred me to a urologist. At my age there’s a concern this could be a symptom of a benign enlarged prostate condition. He found that my prostate is not enlarged and appears healthy , but extended the Cipro dose for two weeks more so we can be sure we knock it out this time. He said UTIs can be stubborn, more often in women, but occasionally in men also. If this doesn’t work, I may have to go on a lower dose of antibiotics longer term. I’ll be done with the current round in a couple of days, then get retested. Fingers crossed!

I’m tolerating the antibiotics well, thankfully. Nowadays there’s a lot of talk of the disruption they can do to your good gut bacteria, but I’ve had no issues at least in the short term. I’ve been trying to keep my diet good through this, and will continue to do so when I’m off the Cipro, as well as taking probiotics to build my gut-bug health back up.

The only other effect is a warning that Cipro has a rare side effect of tendon damage, so my urologist thought it might be a good idea to avoid too strenuous exercise. So I’ve cut back on my strength training and high intensity workouts somewhat during this period. On a positive note, I’ve still been able to enjoy more moderate training, including biking and hiking. Friday I rode my recumbent in the South San Jose Area, including on the beautiful Guadalupe River and Los Alamitos trails.

Fighting Off UTI (Sorry If That’s TMI) 1
Mt. Umunhum From the Guadalupe river trail

.I have noticed no issues from the Cipro so far, so am looking forward to getting back to them full-tilt in a couple of days.