Finally- Return to Mt Madonna



About a month ago, I described a visit Mt Madonna park to which I vowed to return. But the fires and bad air intervened, so I did not get a chance until yesterday. Again I rode out the beautiful Redwood retreat road. This time I left enough time to get some hiking in, an out and back jaunt on the Meadow trail. It was a beautiful clear and not too hot day.

Finally- Return to Mt Madonna 1
The sun shining through the trees

Near the start of the meadow trail, a nice picnic area in a redwood grove. Sorry about the blurriness, I must have jiggled the camera more than its image stabilizer can handle:

Finally- Return to Mt Madonna 2

Pretty view on the meadow trail, with mottled sunlight through the redwoods:

Finally- Return to Mt Madonna 3

Total ride plus hike about 3 hours. I’ll be back to visit this park, my new-found treasure.