Finding the Strength to Beat Breast Cancer




Written by Carrie Vieceli 

Strength in the face of breast cancer: It is something that each diagnosis demands, and sometimes it comes more readily than others. In the nine years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my strength, while coming from deep within where my intense passion for life is found, has always been fueled and sustained by my unwavering faith, and the boundless love and support from my family.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30, less than two months after marrying the man of my dreams and while pregnant with our first child, rocked me to my core. In all honesty, it brought me to my knees feeling shattered, confused, angry and fearful beyond words. With no family history of the disease and being otherwise completely healthy, I was blindsided by this diagnosis. To further my initial devastation, I ended up miscarrying our unborn child just weeks later. My faith was challenged, and I felt stripped of my courage.

Turning to my family and my faith offered me the reassurance that no matter what, I was loved and I was not alone. Each day during my diagnosis and treatment was filled with difficulties, losses, heartache and pain, but all of these things were manageable because of love and faith.

As I now enjoy a healthy, abundant life, which includes our three postcancer miracle babies, my strength continues to come from my family and my faith. Summed up: love and faith. I attribute my strength as a survivor, my hunger for life, my passion for living well and celebrating each day to the miraculous powers of love and faith.

Working with Ford Motor Company in their Warriors in Pink program as a Model of Courage has given me an opportunity to share my story in an effort to inspire those currently in the fight. To remind them of the love that is undoubtedly present in their lives and to encourage them to find their strength within their blessings. To remind them that they are not alone and there is reason to hold hope, even against all odds.


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