Five Tips To Train Your Mind For Body Positivity



Five Tips To Train Your Mind For

Body Positivity

Hey everyone

Long back one of the top Indian actresses of our times was asked about one thing she hated seeing early in the morning and her reply broke my heart. She said, “Looking at myself in the mirror.” What! I thought as she was the most beautiful woman onscreen during the 70s and 80s. Today, as I analyze her statement which might be made just out of humility, I realize what kind of self-image she might be having in her prime apparently because of her dark complexion. Sad isn’t it!

Recently I have started thinking seriously about being body positive and my recent post is the reflection of my thought process. Read my post on being body positive here….

Funnily enough, after reprimanding myself for many years suddenly I woke up from a deep slumber of negativity and decided to show some self-love on a daily basis. Here I share with you my top Five Tips To Train Your Mind For Body Positivity which I have learned from life experiences.

Five tips to train your mind for loving yourself

1. Wake up to a beautiful you

Celebrate yourself in the morning by looking yourself in the mirror and saying, ”I am beautiful and I am enough.” Remember, it is this physical body that is fit enough to wake up in the morning and make you do whatever your thoughts are about living life.

Five Tips To Train Your Mind For Body Positivity

2. You are not a number

Keep your weighing scale away from you at least for a month, to begin with. If like me your weighing scale number makes you feel depressed and push you for stress eating, better stay away from it. Your life is all about moving around with confidence not hating a perfect self because of a number. That is what will make you feel Body Positivity.

3. Time to count your blessings

Make a list of five things that you love about yourself. It might be physical or anything else. Think about why you can fall in love with yourself all over again. It is important to love yourself for little blessings in life and your ability to enjoy it.

4. Show love to your body

Body positivity means taking some extra time under the shower for self-love and physical care while you are alone without any distractions. I love to scrub my feet and legs with a loofah as a loving gesture towards myself. You are beautiful, and you need to admire every bit of yourself, remember that.

5. Teach your mind to shut up

Today’s last tip is that you need to learn to give a shut-up call to your thoughts and mind which tells you that you are lacking in something. If you can shut negativity out of your mind, then you will be able to do it with negative people around you too.

What I am learning now on a daily basis is that I am what I see myself to be not what others think me to be. Do not forget that people around you will respect and accept you only if you respect and accept yourself. Give it a thought… It is your time for Body Positivity because ‘You are You’.

Tips to be body positive

Cheers to a new day and a new life.



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