Follow These Tips to Unlock Your True Workout Potential



There is much more to just working out if you want to achieve more in less, do better than most, and achieve what you want. There is a bundle of information behind the science of workout that helps you build and follow a plan. Yes, following a plan, a good one will get the most out of your workout for you. If things go right, you might be able to get better results working out three times a week than all week long. 

No wait, you do not have to spend hours on the internet, searching for the key, the right plan, and guidance because here it is. We did all the work and brought you some treats too. The first thing that comes to mind or the first thing you might want to do is to buy some workout clothes! Yes, worry not, we got you to go click the links and have a look. Now, with that set aside, the following are some insights. Follow the tips to unlock your true workout potential. Educate yourself and you can reach your goals quicker. Go on now!

Good Diet

Good diet

You are what you eat, this phrase is common and true. Food has a direct impact on your performance and results, not eating good or enough can result in difficulty staying focused. No matter at what time you work out, eating good and healthy all day long will keep the energy level high to keep you going. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, replace your junk food with green vegetables, meat, fruits, and nuts. Don’t be hungry, if you are feeling so, eat some snacks or fruits but don’t let the hunger strike tell you to eat. 

The best time to eat breakfast is around 7 am, lunch is 1-2 pm and dinner is around 6:30. Do not eat and sit right away, this can cause a lot of problems. It is important not to miss a meal especially before and after a workout, but you have to keep in mind not to eat right before the workout. Protein, carb, and veggies rich meals are full of energy that our body requires. Try to reduce junk food, fats, artificial sugar like fizzy drinks, packed juices, cakes, etc. Most importantly, drink enough water to stay hydrated all day.

Proper Workout Apparel

Proper Workout Clothes

Just like diet your workout clothes actually affects workout and results directly. As a matter of fact, not wearing proper clothing while working out can lead to a bad look in the gym. Breathability, sweat-wicking, comfort, durability, and snug-fitting are some notable features of proper workout clothes. 

The clothes you wear do depend on the type of workout you will be donning. For instance, doing yoga, Zumba, etc. in cotton clothes is fine. There your preference is comfort rather than moisture-wicking and performance. But for exercises which involve lots of sweating sweat-wicking and breathability are a priority. Just make sure the clothes are not baggy, too tight, restricting or small. You can wear them before buying, or get them replaced with the right size if needed.

Sleeping Well

Sleep Well

Getting proper sleep is important and we all know that. Lack of sleep puts a lot of toll on the brain which then affects the complete body, yes, your muscles too. Plus, sleeping helps muscles relax and get ready for a workout the next day. the decrease in efficiency, errors and struggling to focus are some symptoms. Studies show that about 6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary depending on the person. Sleeping early at night and waking up early gets you a fresh and active start. 

Creating a schedule and following it will help, no caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks before bedtime. Complete your workout at least an hour before bedtime. Try and relax your mind free it from all worries and tensions. Follow these tips and hopefully, you’ll sound asleep. Sleeping is the best you can do to help the muscles recover but without a good diet, it can take more time so done forget the diet.

Workout Plan

Don’t put all your effort without any plan, it is like wandering and reaching nowhere. Sure, it takes time to figure the workout routine and planning to follow it, and you should take it, by all means. When you have finally figured it out then plan and stick to it. Make some alterations to the plan and your workout after 8 to 10 months, or take a little longer if you like. 

In making and executing a plan you can always seek help from someone, which brings us to the next point. Cheat day once a week is normal, even skipping a workout is fine. Take the Sunday off, meet some friends, hang out and have fun. Don’t take too many days off or make it a routine and go to the gym at least four times a week. Low on motivation, learn how to keep yourself motivated.

Here is a sample seven-day workout split, you can follow if you like.

  • Monday – Legs and glutes

  • Tuesday – Back and biceps

  • Wednesday – Chest, and triceps

  • Thursday – Calves, and core

  • Friday – Shoulders and neck/collar

  • Saturday – Belly, and obliques 

  • Sunday – Enjoy, no gym today!

Hiring a Trainer

Hire a Trainer

Seeking help from a friend, professional, or personal trainer will lead you on the right path. Otherwise, you can get frustrated annoyed and give up thinking this is just a waste of time. Asking questions and having them is normal, this is where the helping person comes in handy. This does not have to be a solo trip, a trainer will keep track of your progress, physique, and guide you how and what to do. 

Thinking you don’t need any help; you are a lone wolf? Sure, your choice but we would recommend it anyway! Anyways, always keep reminding yourself not to take any shortcuts, don’t get off track and don’t cheat. No, we aren’t talking about cheat days they are completely fine. In fact, they are important to have. This is a long journey; fitness is a lifestyle you must adapt and results don’t show up instantaneously. Be patient, be persistent, do not give up

Putting it all together

The workout is more than lifting weight, making faces and shouting while doing it. The diet, rest, tempo, intensity, and time you give to it collectively make it successful and interesting. Setting your goals right is important, for instance aiming for losing 50Lbs in one month or whatever is better than going for “I want to lose weight”. Keep things specific and measured. Push yourself and break the limits but don’t make it a sword hanging above the head. That’s it, for now, see you one the fitness ground.