Food for oily skin: What to eat and what not



Food for oily skin: What to eat and what not

Do you have oily skin? Then I can understand your concern.. It’s so difficult to deal with oily skin as it is prone to acnes and blackheads if proper care is not taken. Blame it to genes for oily skin. Skin tends to get oily when oil glands under skin get hyperactive.

Food for oily skin What to eat and what not
Food for oily skin What to eat and what not

In that case what to eat and what to avoid is most important. Foods that keep oil glands in check and improves complexion should be included in diet along with proper skin care.

Fatty oil foods should be avoided and fresh fruit, vegetables should be included. But not all fatty acids are bad for oily skin, omega-3 fatty acids are good for skin and flush out toxins, in the same way not all fruits and vegetables are good for oily skin.

Food for oily skin: What to eat and what not

Let’s have a look on what to eat and avoid.

Oily Skin : What to eat

1. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are good for oily skin as it hydrates skin and flushes out toxins and extra oil from skin. Cucumber has 95 % of water content. Add raw cucumbers in salad.

2. Citrus fruits: Fruits like oranges, limes, pineapples has vitamin C which has cleansing and detoxifying properties which cleans excess oil and toxins in skin.

3. Fluid and juices: Add plenty of water, fluids, juices, soups in your diet as these has a lot of water content and hydrates skin. Cut it out on carbonated drinks, sweetened and coffee beverages and include unsweetened green tea instead.

4. Green vegetables: Green vegetables are full of fiber and less in oil or fat content. Add seasonal green and leafy vegetables to flush out oils from your skin.

5. Pulses and whole grains: Again pulses and whole grains are full of fiber. These will make you feel full for longer and improves your skin texture as they won’t break down easily into excess sugar. Pulses have amino acids.

6. Grapefruit: It is perfect for oily skin as grapefruits are full of water , Vitamin C and fiber, it soak extra oil from skin. Grapefruit has fewer calories and make you feel fuller for longer and flush out toxins from skin.

7. Omega-3 fatty acids: choose foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids rather than foods that have vegetable oils. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids works not for heart diseases but also for oily skin. Include soy beans, avocados, nuts, cold water fish like salmon for omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Raw food: Eat salads and fruits in raw form which doesn’t contain any oil or fats, is good for skin.

Oily Skin : What to avoid

1. Chocolates: Sweetened cocoa with milk can make your skin more oily, rather choose plain cocoa which is good for skin.

2. Deep fried foods: Deep fried foods have a lot of oil which is not good for oily skin, as it can make oily skin more oilier.

3. Polished cereals: Cereals which are polished and processed like white wheat, white rice, pasta is bad for oily skin. They break down easily and results in excess sugar which in turn leads to oily skin.

4. Sugary food: Avoid sugar and added sugar foods such as maltose, honey , sugar. Avoid sugary carbonated beverages, jams, jelly, syrups as these added sugar makes your oil glands produce more oil.

5. Dairy Products: Milk products like cheese, butter, cream, milk could worsen your acne issues. Add low fat yogurt as its rich in calcium and low in fat. Add green leafy vegetables , tofu for calcium requirements.

6. Fatty meats: Beef, lamb, red meat have saturated fats. Saturated fats are related to obesity, inflammation and heart disease , also leads to excessive oil in the skin. Change your cooking habits and try baking, poaching.

7. Salty snacks : High sodium increases inflammation and damage skin. Avoid salty snacks like potato chips, pickle, papads, french fries which are rich in trans fat, leads to more oilier skin.

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