For Covid Coping, Spend More Time in Nature and Less Online


This was inspired by a post on fellow blogger Tony’s site: “Regular dose of nature may improve mental health during COVID-19 pandemic“. I would have reblogged it but the Worpdress reblog widget was acting up today. The people I know that are coping well during Covid, especially due to the ongoing necessity for shutdowns, are getting outdoors more often. Those I know who aren’t, spend lots of time online, repeatedly checking things like Covid status and the stock market.

The healing effect of getting out in nature has been known since long before Covid. In Asia it is popular to do forest bathing. A city park or garden will do nicely for this as well as more rural natural settings. Being in a beautiful setting while fussing with your phone (which I often see people doing) does not count. Getting out in nature has been my go-to technique for coping and avoiding “cabin fever” during Covid . The only time I could not get out much was when we were having bad air due to the wildfires, and I really missed it.

A nice walk in nature is the ticket, in all weather. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes“.