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Free Diet Tips In India

Diabetes Diet Plan

Hey everyone,

How are your winters going? I love winters for that warm quilt, walk on a sunny day, and of course so many goodies in a platter during Lohri and Makar Sankranti. Though I shudder at the thought of someone with diabetes being offered all that sugar-filled snacks so I thought of providing free diet tips in India along with a free diabetes diet plan.

Diabetes is the most common disease among Indians. It is a common lifestyle disorder that leads to various types generally type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Here I am sharing a Diabetes diet with free diet tips for Indians.

Let us talk about how the environment around us is one of the prime reasons for causing diabetes. Please do check this link here… Diabetes is related to the hormone insulin, which is the main cause among many causes for the onset of type 2 diabetes. Other causes are many such as obesity, poor eating habits, lack of exercise; though I have seen my own mom who always was an active lifestyle fan and believed in managing a wonderfully healthy lifestyle yet due to genetic effects, she too is a diabetic. Still, we know that Type 1 diabetes is caused due to decreased insulin production in the body which is known as juvenile diabetes. Then there is type 2 diabetes caused due to the cells failing to respond to insulin. This is known as adult diabetes. If you want to know more about insulin, read here…

Oh, by the way, there is a third type of diabetes also which many women face during pregnancy. It is known as gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is accompanied by high blood sugar levels due to the hormonal influence during pregnancy. This goes back to normal after delivery.

The good news is that type 2 diabetes can be prevented and controlled with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. So today I am going to base my post on various free diet tips in India along with a great free diabetes diet plan.

Free diet tips in India

To control diabetes we need to have control over blood sugar levels which can be easily achieved with the right amount and quality of food.

The Glycemic index of the food to be consumed by a diabetic plays a very important role in this process. A high glycemic index food will increase the diabetic’s blood sugar level rapidly just as after consuming white sugar, maida, white rice, fruit juices, root vegetables like potato, sweets, and bread. Since these are foods that are digested rapidly and absorbed quickly in turn increase blood sugar. On the contrary, low GI foods help in the slow release of sugar in the blood leading to better insulin response. Examples of such low GI foods are wheat rotis, multigrain bread, ragi, oats, buckwheat, walnuts, pulses, whole fruits like apples, leafy vegetables, chicken, eggs, etc.

Free Diet Tips In India

Foods that are low GI and rich in fiber help in controlling diabetes to bring the blood sugar level down.

Here is a sample diet that diabetics can follow.

1 tsp methi seeds with 2 glasses lukewarm water

  • After half an hour breakfast can be consumed which could comprise of …
    • Stuffed roti
    • Poha
    • vegetable upma
    • oats and milk
    • ragi porridge
    • vegetable oats dosa
    • methi thepla
    • vegetable or egg omelet
    • a glass of milk and one whole fruit
  • Lunch:
    • 2 ragi / whole grain rotis with
    • 1 small cup dal/
    • curd /buttermilk +
    • green vegetables+
    • fresh salad without creamy dressings
  • Evening snack:
    • tea preferably without or with ½ tsp brown sugar
    • whole wheat bread vegetable sandwich without potato/
    • bhel with onion tomatoes/
    • veg clear soup/
    • 2 digestive biscuits/
    • green tea/coffee
    • black coffee
  • Early Dinner:
    • 2 small ragi rotis+
    • grilled paneer/chicken/fish/
    • dal/
    • tadka curd+
    • leafy vegetables+
    • fresh green salad
  • Bedtime:

Drink a lot of water and exercise everyday and follow a healthy diet in order to control diabetes.

Remember diabetes is just a disease but surely it is not the end of your world. All you need to do is to be mindful of your diet and workouts. It can be managed easily.

(PS: We have provided a sample diet and the individual responses may vary. Advised to use your discretion)

If you eat healthily you will be healthy that is the key to a good diabetes-free life. We hope that these free diet tips in India with a free diabetes diet plan will prove to be good for all diabetes around you.