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Hey friends! Happy Friday and hope you’re all having an ok week and hanging in there with everything going on. We’ve had a nice day over here. Just had breakfast with the fam and took the kiddos on a long bike ride. This week, I feel like we’ve settled more into a bit of a groove with a routine. We don’t have a schedule, but we have a very rough order of events (like TV time and breakfast, homework, long walk outside, lunch, etc.) and I feel like the small bit of structure has helped.

Friday Faves 1

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to my friends who are celebrating this weekend. Our Easter celebration is going to be a bit different (we’re usually at my nana’s house by the pool, surrounded by family) but will absolutely have an egg hunt for the girls, cinnamon rolls, nana’s egg casserole, mass streaming from YouTube and an Andrea Bocelli concert. Jesus Christ Superstar (the one with John Legend and Sara Bareilles) is on Sunday evening, too! I hope that you have a relaxing and peaceful weekend ahead. <3

Here are some faves from the week and around the web. I’d love to hear about your faves, too, or anything you’re doing this upcoming weekend.


This little embroidery set. I ordered this from Creative Kind, which is a beloved local Tucson business. They host craft events in their space, and some friends and I have done indigo tie dye and a tarot card and embroidery night. I saw that you could purchase craft sets online, and figured it would be something fun to do on the patio while the girls play outside. Friday Faves 2

Read, watch, listen:

We finished watching Parasite last night and omg it was not was I was expected. It was really intense and well-done.

SO. insanely. good. (Hamilton friends, watch the whole thing!)

Trolls 2 is out! I’ve been waiting for WEEKS to watch this with the girls (something to look forward to!) and since the Pilot was home this morning, I slept in a little. I came downstairs to the kitchen and said, “Yay, we get to watch Trolls tonight” and the girls were like, “Oh, we just watched it.” LOL. I’m sure it will be on repeat all weekend so I’ll still get the chance to see it.

Matthew McConaughey hosted a virtual bingo night for seniors.

Fashion + beauty:

I want a tie dye sweatshirt.

Some really great sales happening right now! I ordered some dresses and swimsuits from gap for the girls, for when we can finally leave the house again 😉 Nordstrom has a lot in their spring sale, too. Some of my top picks: this bralette, my fave leggings ever, this Leith dress (I have 3 or 4 and they’re so cute with sandals, sneakers, and booties), and these Madewell tees are $12 (about as “dressed up” as I get these days).

Fitness + good eats:

We’re going to be doing another round of Barre Bootcamp starting on April 27th. If you want first dibs on joining us, please make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter for all of the info! I’ll be emailing out all of the details next Friday. (We’ll also be doing another round of Home Workout Warrior in May!) This is my second most popular online product (#1 is Post Baby Bod) and the workouts are SO fun and challenging. It’s such a great way to change up your current routine.

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30-minute vegetarian meatballs.

Had the best pizza from Commoner & Co. the other night. Kyle was making pizza in the parking lot in a portable woodfire pizza oven and it Friday Faves 3

Healthy pantry staples.

My friend Heather is posting workout videos on YouTube (she’s amazing).

Happy Friday, friends!



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