Group Ride With My New Gears



We did our out and back to Casa Loma Road and the Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space yesterday. It was a good test of my new gears. A while back I talked about trading my Bike Friday in on a bike with full-size wheels. The only downside was the new bike did not have low enough gearing for some of the steeper hills around here. I recently fixed that by putting an 11-42 cassette in the back. That big of a range of gears required a new rear derailleur. The fine folks at my local bike shop Bike Therapy installed it all for me, and did a great job. An inexpensive and perfect fix. Last weekend I did the acid test by climbing W. Dunne Ave and Bernal Road, and was able to motor right up both of them. Yesterday there were some challenging climbs on the group ride as well, which were much more enjoyable with the right gears. There’s kind of a sinking feeling when you’re climbing a hill and you keep gearing down as it gets steeper. You’d like to gear down some more but realize you’re already in your lowest. That doesn’t happen for me anymore on any of our local climbs.

Group Ride With My New Gears 1
Turnaround at the end of Casa Loma Road at the Parking lot to Rancho Canada Del Oro. The rangers walking to the left are off to investigate a rattlesnake seen by the side of the road.
Group Ride With My New Gears 2
The hills in the open space. Lots of nice hiking up in there. You can mountain bike also but it’s a bit beyond my skill level.