Happy New Year! Resolution Time…



Happy New Year! Resolution Time… 1

I usually get a head start on New Years’ resolutions because my birthday is Jan. 12, so I try to be better about wellness-related things like healthier eating in the preceding months, to give myself the give of better health for my birthday. But this year I let my guard down somewhat and partook a bit too much of all the Holiday treats around. So my first resolution is to clean that up and get back to my affirmation of “no junk, no exceptions, no negotiations” that I’ve discussed previously.

My second resolution is easier but also important: make sure I’m drinking enough water. On Dr. Greger’s nutritional website he has a video extolling the virtues of adequate water consumption as a safe and effective metabolism booster.

Happy New Year! Resolution Time… 2

I’ve also read recently that being well-hydrated can improve sleep quality, something I’m interested in because it improves the important health indicator heart rate variability.

As I’ve mentioned I’m not a big fan of large sweeping “new year, new you” resolutions because they often fail. But I think ones like the two above, that are more like lifestyle “tweaks”, have a better chance of succeeding.

Happy New Year! Resolution Time… 3

And, of course, there is more to life than eating and water. There are a whole lot of other things like being kinder and more giving, and following the golden rule. I try to do a good job of these all year long, but I can always make a resolution to try harder.