Lifeline in Action – Hawaii Patient Gets a New Smile!



Lifeline in Action – Hawaii Patient Gets a New Smile! 1Dr. Michael Miyamoto has gone above and beyond in the field of dentistry in his 30 years of practicing. He holds excellence as the standard for his patients, and that is reflected in his many esteemed honors and awards, including being voted the Best Dentist in Hawaii five times. Dr. Miyamoto has accumulated over 1,400 hours in continuing dental education, eager to learn about new cutting edge trends in dental innovation. Another way he adds to his continuing education is by serving as a volunteer for the Hawaii Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, where he helps people in need, like Deborah.

Deborah, 64, lives on Maui, and due to a variety of physical and mental health conditions, had to stop working and was even homeless for a period of time. Due to her circumstances, Deborah’s dental needs were neglected. Her small, fixed income kept her from being able to afford the care she needed.

Fortunately, Deborah was referred to the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, where she matched with Dr. Miyamoto. He conducted an initial exam, where he discovered that Deborah had no upper teeth and only nine remaining lower teeth, which made it very difficult for her to chew food. He restored several of Deborah’s teeth, put in a crown, and donated a full upper denture and lower partial denture, fabricated by Yoshizu Dental Lab. Deborah was incredibly grateful to have her smile back.

“Dr. Mike is the Michelangelo of teeth! I loved everyone in his office. They are beautiful people with amazing hearts.”
—Deborah, DDS Patient

Dr. Miyamoto is one of only eight DDS volunteer general dentists on Muai. We sincerely appreciate his dedication to giving back in his community, and his passion for providing the best possible dentistry to people like Deborah.

“Taking care of all the DDS patients has been a pleasure. What made Deborah stand out for me was her personality. She was so warm and bubbly, and such an interesting and appreciative person.”
—Dr. Michael Miyamoto, DDS Volunteer

Learn more about volunteering or to learn about DDS in your state, visit our state pages.

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