Health Benefits of Cutting Out Dairy




With health being a big priority of 2020, many different foods are now being re-analyzed to see if they are actually beneficial for you. More and more people today are switching over to a vegan, plant-based diet in order to avoid highly processed foods. While generally yogurt, milk and other dairy products have been considered healthy foods that you need in your diet, here are a few health benefits you might see from cutting out dairy from your diet.

While cutting out dairy can be hard and not the best route for everyone, be sure to consult with your doctor before doing so. Cutting out dairy can have its health benefits for a variety of reasons.


While many women struggle with acne during their adolescence and early adult years, some women still struggle well into their 30s and 40s and can’t seem to understand why. According to Healthline, acne is an inflammatory condition. Oil gets trapped in pores, causing bacteria to grow which then causes inflammation which then turns to acne. But how does this relate to dairy? Well dairy has been known to trigger inflammation within some individuals and with added hormones this can often lead to the cause of acne.


Many individuals struggle with digestion issues. Whether you have the occasional upset stomach or chronic digestion issues, dairy can often be to blame. Many individuals are actually lactose intolerant and just aren’t aware of it. Since dairy has been shown to cause inflammation, which can promote unhealth gut bacteria, this can often cause digestion issues. Not to mention this can help alleviate chronic bloating as well.


Since dairy has been linked to an increase in inflammation, it can cause inflammation and issues in various organs of the body including the thyroid gland. The thyroid is responsible for playing a major role in metabolism and producing other hormones. So, if your thyroid is inflamed this can prevent it from functioning properly resulting in a variety of other health issues and even a slower metabolism which can lead to weight gain.


Yes, your sinuses can be affected by consuming dairy. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies and can often get seasonal sinus infections because of allergies. Allergies are also a common side effect of, you guessed it, inflammation. While dairy and your sinuses may not directly relate to one another, if your body is suffering from inflammation caused by dairy it could be the link to your unexplained seasonal allergies and infections.

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