Healthy Ways To Increase Your Immune System



Healthy Ways To Increase Your Immune System 1

As we have witnessed this new life changing and new normal Life style that is upon us. We have also began to know the impotence of our surroundings and especially our health. We here at IM/5 are here to help in any way that we can, we are all in this together weather we want to be or not. So here are some careful tips that can help you out on the way through our new journey and God Bless everyone from the IM/5Fitness family.

Don’t smoke or breath in smoke

Eat a high diet of fruit and vegetables with your meals

Exercise regularly

Maintain a healthy wieght

Alcohol in Moderation

These next two may be the most important in the group

Get adequate sleep and rest

Minimize Stress ( know when it is time for you to rest and just take time out for yourself, nothing is worth sacrificing your health.)

Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.