Hiking With Friends Again (Carefully)



Most of my local meetup groups are still avoiding group hikes, but one here in Morgan Hill usually has small groups like 5 or less, so we decided we could go again and do social distancing. So yesterday was my first group hike in months. It was very enjoyable, with delightful weather and clean air (the wind is still from the West, keeping us smoke free). Four of us went to our local Harvey Bear County park. I rode there on my e-assist bike and met them, then we went on a short (90 minute) hike, with a decent climb of 750 feet.

View from the top of the Willow springs trail of Coyote lake through the trees:

Hiking With Friends Again (Carefully) 1

This is on the way back down, looking back over San Martin with Morgan Hill to the north and my three companions ahead of me:

Hiking With Friends Again (Carefully) 2

I’m sure enjoying the nice clean air!