Homemade Protein Powder Recipe for Weight loss and Muscle Building



Recipe for Weight loss

Homemade Protein Powder

Recipe for Weight loss and Muscle Building

Hey everyone,

For quite some time now, I had been wanting to prepare something that would be a help in increasing my protein intake on a daily basis. I could see various options online like commercially prepared Whey Protein powders but I have apprehensions regarding the same. So I researched and prepared a simple and quick protein powder recipe for weight loss and Muscle Building.

Interestingly most of us never try to think of preparing things at home as everything is easily available in packaged form. Believe me, if we are a little mindful and conscious of what we need to fuel our bodies, we can make our lives much better and healthy.

Homemade recipe for weight loss and muscle building

Homemade Protein Powder is the easiest recipe one can think of for health benefits. Today I am going to share my easy recipe here. To prepare your personalized recipe for weight loss, that could help you build muscles too, all you need to think of nuts, seeds, and beans.


Let us talk about seeds that are a storehouse of health and nutrition. To know the health benefits of seeds, you can check here……..

I checked my pantry and found a packet of sunflower seeds which I roasted lightly in an open wok. You can toast these in the oven also.

The next ingredient included for the homemade protein powder was pumpkin seeds and if you want to know about the health benefits of it, check the link.

Flax seeds are one of the good ingredients to be included in your homemade protein powder for weight loss. Read more about it here…

Chia seeds are something that can never be missed in a protein diet. To know more ways of adding Chia seeds to your daily diet, check out this blog here…

These seeds are a perfect blend for super healthy protein powder made at home.


The other ingredient added was various nuts like humble peanuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. To know the benefits of all these nuts you can check our previous blogs here…, here…., here… and here. All these nuts are easily available in the local markets.


Let me talk about beans now. The easiest way to add protein to your daily diet is by adding a handful of whole beans in any form. Here I thought of adding India’s standard source of protein roasted black gram or Bhuna Chana. If you wish to know about the health benefits of Chana, check it out here…


I love oats in every form. For this homemade protein powder for weight loss, I roasted a bowl of regular oats to give a good base to my protein powder. Oats when soaked plump up and make an interesting breakfast meal. It is a wonderful ingredient to be used in place of milk as oat milk is a good vegan alternative for milk.

So with all the ingredients in place, I just took a bowl and added 20 gms of each in a wok and dry roasted all.

Once done, I let them cool and then powder in a dry blender. All I did was then mixed everything well and stored it in a bottle when nicely cool.

It’s best to consume all the macro as well as micronutrients in your diet through homemade food. I believe so, thus my homemade protein powder recipe for weight loss and muscle gain is a good way to easily get the required protein in. If you are not a vegan then you can add some dry milk powder to your homemade protein powder to make it tastier. But don’t forget the added sugar content there.

So my wholesome recipe to prepare homemade protein powder, I have shared with you and there is a warning about taste. If you are not very fond of a nutty taste, then don’t add roasted chana as it would give your protein powder a very nutty and ‘Desi’ taste which generally the new-gen kids don’t like to go for.

Protein is an essential macronutrient in the human diet that helps in building and toning muscles and strengthen them. It also helps in repairing tissue, build enzymes and hormones. Not only that, it also aids in weight loss.

If you are not a great fan of DIY or homemade food, then you can check this blog post to know about various protein powders. I share with you below various ways to consume this homemade protein powder.

  1. Add a tablespoon of it to homemade coconut milk.
  2. Add to your glass of almond milk to make a great protein shake.
  3. In place of breakfast use it in your banana or mango smoothie.

Word of caution

If you intend to build muscle then you need to go for strength training along with consuming any kind of protein powder. Cardio can help you lose weight but muscles can be helped with strength training only.

Only protein powders cannot be an alternative to a healthy diet. No protein powder can fulfill your daily requirement of protein. The best way is to add a lot of pulses, sprouts, and whole grains to your diet keeping in mind your daily caloric needs.

Do not try to use any high-protein powders homemade or otherwise as meal replacements. They can be supplements to your diet nothing else.

For any questions regarding this protein powder recipe for weight loss and muscle building, ask your questions in our comments section.