How BMR Affects Weight



How BMR Affects Weight

Ever since I started following a healthy lifestyle, the term that I kept hearing was BMR. People would come up and say “Oh! she is thin because her BMR is high” and so on. If you have been in the weight loss circle for long then you must be well aware of this term. For people who don’t know- BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate which is the amount of energy that your body uses every day. This is the number of calories that your body needs and uses every day for secretion, eating, maintaining body temperature, or normal functioning. So if you are one of those people who are having less food to reduce the calorie intake then beware, you are doing more harm to your body and are interfering with its normal functioning.

How BMR Affects Weight

How BMR Affects Weight

If you wish to maintain your weight or reduce it then reducing the calorie intake won’t help. Make sure that you do eat as per your BMR. You can get your BMR easily nowadays and there is a special weighing machine for it. I checked my BMR recently at a mall and it’s about 1416 kcal. This means that my body needs this much energy every day and therefore I should eat about 1400- 1420 calories every day. If not, I would feel weak and irritated. As per my age and weight, my BMR is on track and is around the ideal figure.

Now your ideal BMR and actual BMR may differ. A couple of years back, my BMR came to be 1250 on the weighing scale and ideal was around 1500kcal. It is important to understand what your BMR is and how much it should be. So here is a chart that can help you to calculate the ideal BMR.

Sex                         Age in years                       Formula

Male                      18-30                                    15.3 X Body weight in kg + 679

Male                      30-60                                   11.6 X Body weight in kg + 879

Male                      above 60                              13.5 X body weight in kg + 487

Female                   18-30                                   14.7 X Body weight in kg + 496

Female                   30-60                                   8.7 X Body weight in kg + 829

Male                      above 60                             10.5 X body weight in kg + 596

So for a girl aged 18 to 30 years, the weight being 65, the BMR would be about 1451. It depends on your weight and age. If your weight is less, then your ideal BMR would be lower than this and if it’s high then BMR also increases. So if at 65 kg you required 1451 kcal, at 60 kg you would need 1378 Kcal. This means that when you reduce weight then you should make sure that your diet is in accordance with it. Please note here we are talking about the ideal BMR. The actual may be high or low depending upon a number of factors.

How BMR Affects Weight loss

If you want to reduce your weight then instead of reducing your calorie intake below your actual BMR, you need to increase your physical activities and monitor the calorie intake to make sure that it is around your actual BMR. If your BMR is lower than the ideal BMR then you can increase by changing your eating habits and making lifestyle changes. Some of the main factors that may affect your BMR level include- lack of sleep, smoking, seasonal changes, etc. They have already been discussed in the other articles.

How BMR Affects Weight ideal BMR

Before you implement the changes, you need to know your actual BMR and your ideal BMR. To lose weight, you need to spend more energy than you consume and if you store it then you are simply heading towards obesity. Before you start crash dieting or reducing your food intake, do check the BMR to know how much calories your body needs. The BMR machines are installed at various malls and health centers and you can easily check yours.

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