How I Keep Myself Hydrated In This Scorching Heat?



How I Keep Myself Hydrated In This Scorching Heat?

Temperatures are rising day by day and the scorching heat makes us crave for more of summer chillers. If you are weight watcher and strive of live a healthy life, and then sipping those preserved summer drinks may look scary. Those chilled drinks, laden with sugars give us a satiating effect for a while but it definitely does more of harm and ruins our efforts of staying fit and healthy.

Those preserved summer drinks are absolutely out of option, thinking about them is sin. So what do we do, how do we beat the heat?

Well if you talk about me, I am in no mood to compromise with my health and have found myself a way to keep myself hydrated and healthy in this scorching heat.

Today I shall share with you all my favorite summer drinks that I keep sipping through the day to keep myself hydrated. The idea of drinking just water is not much appealing, especially during summers when we crave for flavors, so the best thing to do is to find out ways to consume more of water.

Read on.

Pineapple Juice With Salt And Water

Bael Fruit Juice

Pineapple needs no introduction as a great fruit for weight watchers. Everybody knows who fabulously pineapple works in boosting metabolism and it is great taste is another factor that’s makes me crave for it. Pineapple blended with little water and salt. I add more water to it afterwards and it does the trick for me.

Buttermilk With Cucumber And Kakdi

Rather having buttermilk the traditional and boring way, I love it more with some added flavor. Take a cucumber and few kakdis (American Cucumber) and blend them with yogurt. Blend till they are smooth. Add in water to achieve desired consistency of buttermilk. You can also add salt and spices like black pepper powder for added taste.

Carrot and Beetroot Smoothie

Beetroot Juice

Carrot and beetroot are very nutritious. They are not only good for health but are also great for beautiful skin and hair. Despite of their nutrition packed property not everybody likes to eat them. Blending these together into a smoothie and mixing in water, makes a great nutritious summer drink.

Watermelon and Mint Juice

These are ultimate coolers for the scorching heat. There is no denial to the yummy taste of watermelon and when you have it in a juice form, you like it even more. Simply blend watermelon and mint together, add in water. Let it chill and keep sipping it throughout the noon to keep you hydrated and cool.

Bael Fruit Juice

Pineapple Juice

Bael fruit also known as wood apple or stone apple is another great Indian coolant. Though getting the pulp out of bael fruit may look a little hard then the rest of the fruits, but for the goodness of this fruit I can even do that. For this fruit, all I do use take the pulp out, mash it so that it secretes all the juice and then strain it. Mix the filtered pulp with water, black salt and black pepper powder as per taste and there you have your bael juice.

For all these juices, the basic idea is to stay hydrated, feel full and drink more of water. If u add lot of juice then it will make you feel full and water intake will be less. So to increase water intake I prefer taking water and pulp in 3:1 ration, which means water added to all these recipes is three times the fruit pulp. You can always add black salt, black pepper and lemon juice to all the fruit juices for enhanced taste. I keep sipping these juices throughout the noon and change juices as per my liking. The sipper you see in the pictures is really good I got it online from hopscotch.

For the days when I feel lazy I get juices from shops and when I get bored of these juices I switch to pineapple kanji. Below is the recipe.

Packed Juice

Pineapple Kanji/ Fermented Pineapple Water

Fermented water is not only tasty but has its own number of benefits. It introduces good bacteria which is good for digestive system and also helps absorb food faster.

How I Keep Myself Hydrated In This Scorching Heat
How I Keep Myself Hydrated In This Scorching Heat, tips to beat the worst summer heat.

To make pineapple kanji, you need a big glass jar. In the glass jar add 1 liter of water and few pineapple pieces. Now add in red chili powder and mustard powder. Keep this under the sun for a week so that it gets fermented. After a week, you can simply strain the pineapple fermented water and add few cubes of ice. Enjoy!!!

This is how I keep myself hydrated. These drinks are not only healthy and good for hydration, but they give me an added advantage as a beauty tonic. These juices are also a reason behind my healthy hair and skin. So, next time when you have an urge to have a summer beverage, try these out.

How do you stay hydrated? Do share!

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